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It has been my great pleasure to work as a Creative Professional since 2001, wearing many hats on camera and behind the scenes as a Creative Director, Producer, Art Director, Wardrobe Stylist, Costumer, Photographer, Photographic Retoucher, and Reel Editor. 


  In 2001 after being brought into the fashion industry as a model, my clients and colleagues realized my aptitude for production, styling wardrobe and sets, along with designers who appreciated my diversity and ability to sell.  From there I was afforded opportunities to travel to work in showrooms in Atlanta, Las Vegas, Chicago, and New York City, as well as assist in the production of look books and campaigns.  Photographers also hired me to style and goose models on their sets.  


   By 2003, I moved my base to New York City where I  continued to work in multiple facets of the industry, and began accepting international contracts.  Over the next six years I stayed busy working on projects worldwide, including in Milan, Athens, Barcelona, Sydney, Singapore, Osaka, Kuala Lumpur, Hong Kong, and  Tokyo.


  In 2009, I decided to focus my energies on scouting and developing new models by starting a boutique model management company, Independent Management,  working closely with the models I scouted and managed, as well as our clients and editorial teams.


  After an intriguing holiday in St. Barth the winter of 2010 I decided to stay on this enchanting island where for the next year and a half I worked at a local magazine as a producer, assistant art director,  photographer’s assistant, and photographic retoucher, among other roles.  Off season, our team worked for clients throughout Europe, New York City, and the Caribbean.  From St. Barth I was remotely cast as the leading lady in a feature film starring Michael Madsen, Prince of the City,  shot in Kuala Lumpur.    


  Returning to the U.S. in 2012, I spent some time in Georgia with family, started working as a photographer, and in television commercial production, art direction, and styling regularly.  I attended Emory University in the evening earning a Web Design Certificate with a focus on the Adobe Photo Suite.  At this time I was also cast as a supporting actress in a feature film, ‘Innocent Kiss’, starring Burt Reynolds.  


The next few years were spent working between New York, Atlanta, and Miami as a creative director, producer, art director, stylist, photographer, and on screen talent with Wilhelmina in New York City and Click in Atlanta.    


  I continue to enjoy working  in production and crew capacities  for client’s television, commercial, corporate video,  narrative short, social media and film, including the Cheddar Goblin insert in Panos Cosmatos’ award winning film ‘Mandy’! 

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