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TW Creative Professional Bio series 

Profesor Maddy Cahill's personal viewing page to review first drafts of content to be used in the production of the script I am writing for our summer 2023 class.

These video inserts are rough first drafts of what I intend to do content wise for this series:

Intro_P2_Many Hats Production Roles 
Onscreen P2 Early Model & Stylist Atlanta
Onscreen P4 NY Based Model
Intro_P2_Types of Media Productions
Onscreen P3  Showroom Model Nationally
Onscreen P5 Italy
Onscreen P6 NYC après Milan
Onscreen P7 Contracts
Photography Team SBH
Heading 6
Idols Met in SBH
Photography Assist + Creative Direction NYC
Editorial Collaborations
My Photography
Film Production
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